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When you need to get power from point A to point B, use TSS Python cable protectors! On construction sites when crews are demolishing buildings or new power conduits are being constructed, sometimes the flow of power needs to be maintained. TSS Python will move the power safely so no one gets hurt in the process! The Multi-Channel units will “shunt” power and protect pedestrians and the cables themselves from being damaged during construction. Python’s are designed to protect HIGH VOLTAGE cables. There are other products in our line for lower voltage or data cables and even water hoses. Cables are expensive. With Python Cable protectors you can be sure to minimize tort damage with state of the art Polycarbonate design and unique locking and “snaking” ability. Design to be used on sidewalks and construction sites we have driven over these with an F-350 Ford Truck to prove their durability! Thanks for stopping by and drop us a line for more information using the contact box to the right.



Python Cable Protector Traffic Safety Service
What Is A


A Python® cable protector is an enclosed case that protects the cables running through it. The case is very durable and strong so it can withstand some amount of load and pressure. Workers on your job site can walk over the Python® cable protectors without causing any damage to the cable that’s encased within. It will also prevent workers causing harm to themselves by the high voltage. These protectors are easy to set up and they can ensure that the cables inside don’t become frayed or damaged on the job site.

Python ® Cable


  • Easy Installation

    The installation process is quick and easy so you can set up the Python® cable protector in a matter of minutes depending on the size of the system. It’s also easy to dismantle so you can remove and reinstall as often as you like without wasting time.

  • Easy Transport

    Traffic Safety Service’s Python® Cable Protector is lightweight and easy to transport. The sections can easily be dismantled into small and manageable pieces, enhancing the convenience factor.

  • Flexible

    You can customize the protector size according to your specifications and requirements, which means these elements are suitable for a variety of applications and settings.

  • Safety

    By fully encasing the cable, The Python® protects and eliminates damage that will prevent electric shock to pedestrians or workers

  • Cost Savings

    If you use cables without any protective cover and they get damaged during the project, you will end up paying a significant amount of money to replace those sections of the cables. TSS’s Python® Cable Protector prevents this from happening and saves the extra expense.

How to


The installation process is quick and easy. Most of Traffic Safety Service’s Python Cable Protector systems come with a complete set of instructions for you to follow. Here’s a short introduction to the installation process. You also have the option to watch video tutorials or read the instruction manual to understand the details:

Installation Step-By-Step

  • Lay the cable’s base sections on the ground and then attach them to one another.
  • Run the cables through the base section. You can place both, the single or double cables in the plates.
  • Place the top sections of the protector on the base plate one piece at a time to ensure the two sections attach fully and fit well together.
  • Push the system forward to lock it firmly. The two sections securely lock into place with a click.
  • Install the screws in the protector for an additional anti-tempering measure where indicated to seal the system completely.

You can remove and disassemble the system by reversing the installation process. That won’t take much time so you can pack up and leave the site safely and quickly. Download the Traffic Safety Service Brochure to view more detailed instructions.

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Since 1971, Traffic Safety Service, LLC has been and continues to be a leading manufacturer and distributor of Traffic Control Devices and pedestrian safety products and services, making people, roads, and communities safer. Traffic Safety Service specializes in lane closures and traffic control, also known as maintenance and protection of traffic. Maintaining safe and smoothly flowing roadways despite closures, traffic detours, and road obstructions is our #1 priority.

Proud to be an American company, we manufacture custom sign products and are 100% American-made to uphold the highest standards of safety. TSS manufactures and distributes many items: taxiway markers and airport products, truck fabrication and TMA installation, A-Frame Barricades, Type I – Type II – Type III barricades, water filled barrier, traffic control plans, ground mount attenuators (GMA), emergency management trailer packages, smart work zone systems, concrete barrier installation, variable message signs (VMS), arrow boards, light towers, portable traffic signals, speed limit radar trailers, cone layer trucks, bucket vans, bucket trucks, lane closure and flagger services.

Traffic Safety Service, LLC stands behind our products with the highest principles, and is proud to maintain the highest certification levels available in our industry, including OSHA, ATSSA Flagger & Traffic Control Coordinator Rutgers, and SWAC. We are proud to offer 24/7 service 365 days per year.

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